Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Class is complex like I don’t understand why people would say that poor people can buy nice things like nice clothes and shoes or spend money on nice food and still be very poor, but don’t think my family can really be poor because we happen to be in a small house situated in a suburb. Even though living here literally almost always completely drains their bank account, when they haven’t been able to buy anyone new clothes in years, etc.

I don’t understand how we have less money now then we did when I was fifteen and only my mom was working

There’s a dollar and sixty cents in my parents bank account right now

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accidental food picture themes so far have been unicorns and bears. also a running theme of fantasy stories for children. this is right enough i suppose. the bear theme was an accident

pageofrainbows said: more food blogging please lol ur food looks good!

thank you, my food is usually pretty ugly!!! there’s a blurry picture on here from 2011 where i ate a bowl of canned tomato basil soup and a poptart for breakfast im a monster

wow, as much as i really fucked up and had a pretty crazy wild time when i was on the east coast doing the risd program in 2012 at least i managed to avoid coming into contact with any male art students


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